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McGill Students Chapter of

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

Our 2023-2024 Team

Get to know our incredible team of execs!

Max is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying microbiology and immunology. He has 28 plants in his room. His favorite is his bromeliad.

Milea is a U3 Microbiology & Immunology student at McGill. A fun fact about her is that one of her hobbies is dance!

Yeji is a U3 Physiology Major who has been a part of UAEM since 2020. Yeji has been actively involved in Donations Tracker, a website that will promote donation sharing in Montréal. A fun fact about Yeji is that she used to have two different legal birthdates!

Amanda is a U3 undergraduate student studying Political Science and International Development. She was a competitive dancer until the age of 11.

Celine is a U3 cognitive science major, and has been working with UAEM and the Report Card project since 2022! In addition to co-leading the Report Card committee, she is active as part of the UAEM North America coordinating committee. A fun fact about her is that she loves folding paper cranes!

Olivia is in U2, studying Psychology with a minor in Social Studies of Medicine. She loves to crochet and bake in her free time!

Kimia is a U3 Honours Pharmacology student and has been involved in UAEM since 2022. Besides being interested in research, science, and global health equity, she is also passionate about architecture and tends to trip a lot in public looking at buildings!

Marianne is in her final year, studying Anatomy and Cell Biology, with a double minor in Sociology and Social Studies of Medicine. She has recently discovered that yoyo-ing isn’t quite so impossible…

Nillie is a U3 student from Vancouver, BC, pursuing a major in Pharmacology with a minor in Psychology. Beyond her commitments at UAEM, Nillie has a passion for cooking and painting in her leisure time. An advocate for the accessibility of essential medicines, she supports transparency and is wholeheartedly committed to research and community service, hoping to effect positive change within the healthcare sphere.

Maria is a U2 Physiology student. She was born in Peru but moved to Montreal 10 years ago. A fun fact about her is that she was once poisoned after eating an apple.